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[INFOGRAPHIC] Accelerating Scientific Decisions to Reduce Time, Cost, and Risk Associated with the Drug Discovery Process

April 16, 2019

The drug discovery process is time-consuming, costly, and risky. Here is a quick look at some of the risks and challenges associated with drug discovery, as well as solutions that can be utilized to streamline the process to increase return-on-investment and mitigate risk.

  • Almost 90% of candidate drugs fail in the first stage of trials, meaning most trial drugs that passed preclinical testing will never be tested on humans
  • Only 250 out of 10,000 experimental compounds move past preclinical research, meaning the likelihood that an experimental compound will move forward is a mere .0250%
  • Out of all the compounds and medicines being tested and developed, only 55 new drugs were approved by the FDA in 2018
  • Even with how difficult it is for a drug to make it all the way from preclinical testing to FDA approval, the cost of development is rising: the average cost of developing one new medicine is $2.6 billion

One way for lab directors to save their company’s time and money while mitigating risk in the drug discovery process is to use nuclear receptor and in vitro toxicology solutions. These solutions include:

  • Nuclear receptor assay kits to help identify the compounds with the highest sensitivity and lowest potential for negative results
  • Research and screening services to lighten your workload
  • Live cell multiplex to verify primary results and help rule out cytotoxicity
  • In vitro hepatotoxicity platform: using human-derived liver cells to identify hepatotoxicity, a major reason drugs are rejected or recalled
  • Gene expression
  • Nuclear receptor profiling

To find out how nuclear receptor and in vitro toxicology solutions can accelerate scientific decision-making to streamline your drug discovery process, review the infographic, Accelerating Scientific Decisions to Reduce Time, Cost, and Risk Associated with the Drug Discovery Process.



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